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"New but completely enhanced Interior designers & Turnkey consultants named DELECON DESIGN COMPANY is formed with zeal to provide better interior environment and the aim is to deliver best designs to all of its reputed clients."

We are team of Architects & Interior designers came together in under one roof for outstanding delivery to achieve higher end results in Interior Designs. Our services are truly based on Interior Designs & its execution. Our excellent working process executes a constructive path to take your project on a different level & design.

DELECON DESIGN COMPANY is a rising turnkey consultants & a new standpoint of professionals platform to give their output & effort in Commercial, Residential & Hospitality Interior projects. The principle designer Rajveer Sharma assuring of better services with complete project planning & design consultancy with DELECON DESIGN COMPANY where so many hands of professionals get together to achieve higher end result in business. Our passion is to create smooth, aesthetic & functional design for everyday spaces. We focus our design skill & intelligence to make the ordinary to extra ordinary. We are available all over in India to attend our clients for smooth operation in given job.

An interior designer who grown in interior environment by family background and finally elected the field as a carrier and today delivering excellence in interiors and also did several interior projects in under his association for some of Mumbai's best architects like Arch. Sameep Padora, Arch. Mahesh Punjabi and Arch. Reza Kabul. Now after years of experience in designing and execution with blend of residential and business interior projects finally Mr.Rajveer sets his own organization named DELECON DESIGN COMPANY and delivering his services as a turnkey interior designer and consultant for wide range of interior projects in commercial, residential & hospitality sector.

After several years of experience in residential and commercial interior design and architecture, Rajveer has a breadth of experience that includes every facet of the design and construction project.

“His fine tune ideas and great design solutions present you the beautiful live image of your dream space.”

Why us
DELECON DESIGN TEAM has complete solution for the place you want to modify.
We can create a punch down list of designs that clients would like to see. These might include project floor plan, Material finishes, lighting or many other aspects of your interior design portfolio.
Our material & project presentation gives a wide range of design solution for interior premises. 
Our smooth preparation & project planning helps them to define possibilities about the place to be design.
We help our clients to create realistic budgets and timeframe for their entire design, site execution & other work progress along with all necessary work coordination & documentation.
DELECON DESIGN COMPANY is not only delivering in Interiors as A Turnkey consultants but also taking a great care of clients demand in major priority.
We assist our Clients to make the right choice when it comes to display of working enviornment

Team DELECON has strong in-house project management experience. Our team of professional consists of experts selected for their vast industry knowledge and proven ability to negotiate with vendors, manage and motivate project teams across all the key Corporate & Home interior disciplines. We understand effective and regular communication for continuous quality control that is essential for optimum success of your project and aim to deliver entirely snag free results every time.
Site Surveys
Site Feasibility Studies
Designing the Interior Layout as per clients requirement
Material Board Presentation
Project Power Point Presentation
Working out Schematic Elevations & Working Drawing Details
Work progress & other Documentation
Supervision of work
Project on a turnkey basis
Commercial Interiors
  It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. The interiors of an office make a lasting impression on your company's clients. The design of a workplace should be inspiring, comforting and energizing. While aesthetics cannot be ignored, our goal while designing office interiors is to motivate and encourage the staff. 

While designing an office we allocate space appropriately in order to avoid crowding and clutter or waste of space. Designing your own office, without professional help and assistance may sound like a good cost cutting option but can spell disaster in the long run, causing you to incur more costs than you were trying to save. At the DELECON DESIGN COMPANY, we design office interiors at reasonable rates, giving your office a refreshing new look without emptying your pockets. From the reception areas of large well established corporations to the workspace of a new company office, we are well experienced in the art of interior decoration and architecture.

You will not regret working with the DELECON DESIGN COMPANY.
Residential Interiors
  While most of us would love to personally design the interiors of our home, somewhere down the line we do need professional help and advice from the experts in the field of interior decoration and architecture. Each corner of your house is unique, which means it requires special attention from an experienced interior designer.

Each component of your house tells people more about you. The design of the interior of your home affects every aspect of your life. A simple new coat of paint from time to time does not do justice to the place you call your home. Our interior designers understand that your home is very close to your heart and take all your suggestions into consideration before planning out a new, refreshing design. We bring you new exciting trends and furnishing ideas, depending upon your decorating style and requirements.

Be it simple, trendy or traditional – our ideas will brighten up your home.
Hospitality Interiors
  In the hospitality industry, comfort is a key aspect that cannot be ignored. A well designed hotel or restaurant helps relax its customers and makes their entire experience enjoyable and memorable. A hotel with a décor that isn't satisfactory may make its customers' experience unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

The décor of a hotel plays an important role when it comes to attracting customers. The theme you choose for your hotel or restaurant may be modern or traditional, depending on the guests you expect to be entertaining. Our designers keep your hotel's unique theme in mind while designing the interiors as well as the furnishing. We provide complete interior designing solutions, such as upholstery, furniture, accessories, etc. for all kinds of hotels and restaurants. We offer a variety of fresh and unique ideas, which will help your hotel or restaurant, stand out among the rest. We focus on image, our clients' budget constraints and functionality while undertaking projects for hotels and restaurants. Although the task may be complex, our results will dazzle you and your customers for years to come.
Art & Details
  “An artistic presentation makes your project interesting.” 

These are the fact that we achieves better results every time compare to other practitioners in business.

We practicality visualize any project with its space feasibility & requirements than we do hand sketches, virtual views & furniture layouts for the place need to be design.

Our detailed drawings are the part of our super finished project. It makes job easier even for a layman also.
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  Address : Shop No.126, 1st Floor, 
Bhoomi mall, Sector-15,
Palm Beach Road,
CBD Belapur,
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Telephone No. : 022-64126271

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(Consultant Interior Designer & M.I.C.)

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Commercial Design Tips
  If you are searching for a company that can provide you the best commercial interior design ideas and tips, then you have come to the right place. DELECON DESIGN COMPANY, a leading large format technical company, has years of experience in handling various types of interior design projects.We are now at the forefront in the field of interior design by providing practical advice and creative ideas for home as well as commercial interior design needs.
Being a renowned company for commercial interior design, DELECON DESIGN COMPANY, can provide unique and artful commercial interior design ideas that will definitely suit your architectural setting. By keeping the changing perspectives of interior design and printing technologies in mind, we can provide up-to-date commercial interior design ideas and guidelines to our clients. We also have the expertise to provide commercial interior design ideas and tips on the basis of several traditions and styles in practice. Our client portfolios include restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices, clubs, healthcare facilities and other commercial establishments.

At DELECON DESIGN COMPANY, we provide commercial interior design ideas on the basis of your commercial interior themes. Our services include providing ideas for designing interior wall coverings, wall curtains, wall paintings, wallpapers, window treatments, floor treatments, ceiling treatments and borders. We have a team of qualified and experienced staff who can provide services such as space planning, planning supervision and feasibility studies in addition to commercial interior design consultancy.
Residential Design Tips
Color is one of the best ways to create the illusion you want. Adding color to your interior design need not be drastic. Instead of painting a wall, you can hang a mirror, clock, shelves or piece of artwork. Instead of buying a new coffee table, decorate your existing one with books, candles and a large bouquet of freshly cut flowers
If you are buying new furniture, measure your room and the furniture. Scale the room & furniture on cutout newspaper: 1 feet = 1 inch and see if the furniture are proportionate to the room. Make sure there are ample spaces to walk around your furniture.
Feel free to mix and match different styles of stuff, like contemporary furniture with oriental pieces. Just don't overdo it. Make sure they blend together
One way to beautify a room even if the walls are plain white is by putting moldings or cornice on the ceiling edge and baseboards.
When choosing a new color for a wall, paint a section of the wall and observe it for a few days at different times. It is a good idea to paint one shade lighter than your sample swatch. Almost always, the color on your sample will look brighter on a big wall than on a small swatch
If your kitchen is small (or any room for that matter) use light colors: off white, beige etc. but you can accent the room with bright colors if you like to brighten up your kitchen. Dark colors will make a room look smaller than it's actual size
Like any other room, if your bathroom is too small use a large mirror on top of the sink or one whole wall - it will make the bathroom look bigger
Put small indoor plants on small pots in your kitchen and bathroom. Plants gives a fresh feeling to the interior design of the kitchen and bathroom
If you have shelves to spare, put cookbooks, small indoor plants and other accessories to make your kitchen more appealing
During holidays change the look of your kitchen by putting themed table cloth and chair slipcovers to cheer up the room
Consider the size of your living room when you buy the furniture. Don't buy oversized pieces if your room is not that big. It will make your room smaller and cramped. And also don't buy tall furniture if your ceiling is low, they will make the ceiling appear lower
If you plan to put several picture frames on the walls. it is a good idea to group them together by theme and arrange them inside an imaginary frame. They can be the focal point of the room
Aside from your direct light source above the dining table (a chandelier for example), add some pin lights around the room and a dimmer switch to make your surroundings more pleasing to the eye. Do the same with your living room
If you are starting your interiors from scratch, you can start by choosing fabrics first and base the color of your wall from it, then you can select furniture that compliments the color of walls and the fabrics that you are going to use
The bedroom is your private space, among all rooms in your home, your bedroom's look and atmosphere should be the most relaxing and reflective of your personal taste and style
Hospitality Design Tips
  Our team makes every picture clear about your Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Designs.

We understand the demand of those Clint's who really want to run a proper profitable Hotel or Restaurant. Having to say this, the fact is the hotels require catchy designs than the restaurants.The hotels want to look attractive to the new people who might be strangers, tourists and travelers. The hotel gives more importance and needs reputation also. They are looking the rates and service charges for per day. The interior of hotels should be designed in such way that it will reflect the essence of town or city in which it is situated. The all kinds of food offered in the hotels also influence with the interior designs. For example, if it is a hotel offering cuisines belong to foreign country, the interior and decor should represent the strength of that country. The tables and chairs arrangement in hotels must be very unique. The way of arrangement will also attract the people. The interior walls should be nicely painted and some pictures related to various cuisines will surely help the hotels to get more customers.

Now let’s discuss something about Bar & Restaurant. The exterior of a bar or restaurant is what first brings a customer in, but the interior is what keeps them coming back. If your customers feel under-whelmed by your decor, they might not return. Customers want to feel comfortable inside and have an experience they can’t find anywhere else. If you run a bar or restaurant, you need some type of entertainment for your customer base. This can be as simple as adding a jukebox. If you have more space, create one large entertainment room or area. You can add some play area like pool tables, arcade games. We can also run some theme of shapes & some artifacts to create more attraction in designs.
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